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Build amazing content. 

Enjoy the way you write your stories using our lightweight, flexible yet user-friendly editor. Forget WordPress like a bad dream.

Embed media rich content

Engage your audience through rich media embeds like images, video, polls, slideshows, music, forms, gifs, infographics and more. More than 1900 services are supported.

Ensure great SEO 

Urls, titles & meta data

Everything is customizable out of the box. No plugins or any other hassle involved. 

Focus keywords & readability

Our built-in tools help you to make your content SEO-friendly. But in the first place content is all about our fellow readers, not bots. So we cover you for readability as well.

Centralize your content calendar & pipeline

Kanban board

Track what’s going on with each story your team is working on with a customizable card-based view. Make it easy for every team member to see the status of each article in the pipeline.

Calendar view

Switch to a calendar view to see the deadlines for each story. Sync it with your Google calendar to provide visibility to the whole company. 

Make your publication look great

Pre-set themes

Select one of our professionally designed themes and adjust it to fit the needs of your business.

Logo, fonts, colors & more

Upload your logo & background image (or simply select a background color). Choose your fonts and set your brand colors. Customize the header and set your menu.
No coding involved!

Automate distribution

Schedule tweets & FB posts 

Select some text, screenshot & schedule. Set a sequence of tweets and Facebook posts. Distribute under accounts of your team members and colleagues.

Distribute across content hubs

Distribute your content across content hubs, deliver in newsletters and publish on your blog all from one place.

Engage readers. Get more leads

Enjoy simple editing

Lead generation forms

Every piece of content that you write is an investment. Get more leads and more customers through your content marketing.

Lightboxes & panels

Design the appearance of your CTAs. Set up its behaviour to engage with your readers in the right place at the right time.

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